Many years ago , mankind decided that the sundial needed to be replaced by a two handed clock with a face.  People hung them on walls, strapped them to their wrists, and carried them in pockets.  They loved their clocks! 

More recent history brought us the digital clock:

otherwise known as:

Just Say NO to ugly clocks!

This site features some unique shaped silhouette art clocks and might soon include the captured memories of photographic art clocks.  For those of you who are traditionalists, you might eventually find some borderline traditional (but still analog) art clocks.

Each piece is hand made so no two are exactly alike.  If you see something you like, let me know.  If it has not yet been sold, it is yours!  Well, it is yours, but maybe you could send me some money.  Of course, if the piece has been sold, I can probably create something very similar for you.